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Forbes Wholesale is a gun dealer with a difference. We can supply a wide range of ex-military and other collectable firearms and accoutrements. We have extensive contacts in Europe, and we receive newsletters weekly listing collector grade, mainly ex-military firearms, oftenn sourced from war reserve stocks of various European governments and from regular collector auctions held all over Europe.

As an experienced gun dealer, we can also provide a regularly updated list of rare and unusual firearms available and will email the images to you on request. You do need to commit promptly if we offer something unusual, as rare or unique items don’t remain on the market for very long.

Register your interest for any particular collectable firearm. If it is available, especially from Europe, we may be able to find it for you. We have been able to source various unusual requests, some of which customers had been seeking for as long as 40 years. Recently, within three months of receiving a request we had fulfilled the customer’s order, cleared customs and registered it to them. We can often help you to fill the gaps in your collection.

We also supply replica black powder firearms, sighting, loading and cleaning equipment, powder flasks and other black powder shooters requirements and accessories.

We also supply Target Rifles & Pistols for ISSF competition; we have an extensive range of firearms and accessories for the ISSF and NRAA target-shooting competitors, as well as Gehmann target shooting equipment for most ISSF competition disciplines, sighting, clothing, slings and gloves.

Forbes Wholesale is a Licensed Gun Dealer (number 407-000-00F).

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